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Kiny is a portable spotlight operated by environmental light conditions, that provides surprisingly powerful illumination in a beautifully crafted sculpture made from digital printing filaments.

When dusk appears, it comes alive; beaming a powerful natural white spot that you can adjust with the rotating eye and a full color smooth fading light. At dawn, automatically turns off the light and it changed into the charge mode.

Kiny is inspired by bioluminescence, which is the production and emission of light by a living organism, such as the dragonfish. Since it never needs to be wired for charging, there is also no battery replacement whatsoever. Kiny just needs daylight to work from dusk till dawn.


•Dimensions:105 x 99 x 59 mm

•Weight: Approx. 800 g

•Ball lens: 80mm Diameter, solid glass

•Shell material: Co-polyester, PLA

•Finishes: Ivory White, Ruby, Jade, Champagne

•Ball lens clip finishes: Natural

•Wire protection: Steel tension spring


•Light source main: Light efficiency 118 lm/W

•Light temperature main:5000K, neutral white

•Luminous Flux: 32lm

•Luminous intensity: 140cd

•Beam angel: 18°

•Ball lens: 90% efficiency

•Light source secondly: Light efficiency 28 lm/W

•Light temperature secondly: Tricolor, RGB fade mode

•Luminous Flux: 4lm

•Luminous intensity: 35cd

•Beam angel: 15°

•Battery type: Rechargeable Li-Po

•Battery capacity: 800 mAh

•Power consumption: 0,35W

•Battery indicator: Red pulsation @ low battery

•Battery run-time: Up to 20 hours at 100% brightness

•Power supply: Photovoltaic cell, 0,7W, 22% efficiency


Super simple

Kiny responds automatically at dusk and dawn. No instructions needed. Simply place during daytime the black panel towards the sun or where you find the best daylight conditions.

DOWNLOAD:  Quick Kiny

Runtime Performance

4 hrs. up direct sun – 14 to 20 hrs. spotlight

3 hrs. direct sun  – 12 hrs. spotlight

2 hrs. direct sun  – 10 hrs. spotlight

1 hr. direct sun – 6 hrs. spotlight

8 hrs. rainy day – 2 hrs. spotlight

Overcharging is managed.

No sunlight at all?

Kiny is charging when light arrives to the black panel. If you receive just daylight from the north, the runtime performance of the spotlight lies in-between 2-3 hrs. Alternative you can place Kiny nearby a bulb or light source to charge it. Take care, that the temperature nearby a bulb doesn’t evolve more than 80° Celsius.

Pilot-run installation

Great effort was made to achieve a state-of-the-art functional product that last. Designed with high-quality, sustainably sourced parts, our first ever prototype runs under the most rough conditions every day. Kiny operates by temperatures below -15° Celsius and above 50° Celsius, heavy rain and snowfall.


Weight800 g
Dimensions99 × 59 × 105 mm

Champagne, Ivory White, Jade Green, Ruby