Why are traditional designer lights using the power from the grid? Because solar engineering makes it too complex and costly for designers to bring sustainable products to the market. This impede real sustainable design and contributes to environmental concerns such as pollution and energy efficiency. It’s time to renew this tradition.

Kinichy is unique for solar development and low-power light performance. Our approach to solar engineering and design are drastically more sustainable, transforming scientific knowledge to empower future light design. We’ve built a local factory that uses state-of-the-art 3D printing technology to produce high-end sustainable products for the next generation.


“Switch of the light!” Have you ever heard it? We equipped our spotlights with an eye to run all night. The ball lens is a great beamer and tracker for luminaries. From choosing the most reliable batteries from cell phones, industry-leading LED’s and latest high-efficient photovoltaic cell’s, we developed an autarky automated spotlight without wires or battery replacement. This is why every Kinichy sun spot loves to work from dusk till dawn automatically, without environmental impact.


At Kinichy, we take sustainability seriously, and with Kiny we set out to break traditionally mass production. We produce local and on-demand, with a maximum capacity of 3 spotlights per day. This allows us to maintain high quality standards while employing local workers. Kinichy spotlights are completely designed, engineered and built in-house. We are seated in Pitarque, natural reserve, Maestrazgo, Spain. 


Kinichy stands for Kinich Ahau, the solar deity from the Mayan mythology. Since André Broessel began professional working with solar energy in 2011, his passion for clean, everyday solar objects led to his creation, Kiny.

“I don’t believe in a further industrial revolution, I believe in a natural revolution combining nature and technology at a human scale. Prosperity and mass production is a great marketing concept of the big players. Leaving Metropol’s life to one of the most abandoned spaces in Europe wasn’t a challenge, but a survey into a self-sufficient community.”

Today, Kinichy is focused on creating a collection of sun booster lighting objects that melt forward-thinking technology with craftsmanship. All made with mental support of the family and nature that surrounds us daily and daily more hardly.


We’re a passionate research group of engineers and designers working out of our home base in Pitarque, Maestrazgo.

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