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Amazing Spotlights

Kinichy’s are portable spotlights, operated by environmental light conditions that provide incredibly powerful illumination in a beautifully crafted sculpture, made from digital printing filaments. When dusk appears, it comes alive; beaming a powerful natural white spot that you can adjust with the rotating eye, and a full color smooth fading light. At dawn, it automatically turns off the light and it changed into the charge mode.

The high-intensity output and surprisingly long run-times are achieved by using a state-of-the-art high-power LED running on latest cell phone batteries, charged by sunpower.

A minimalistic design that is intuitive to use and invites discovery and play through a cosmic aesthetic.

The tracking and timeless shape allows for a variety of positions to be used and charged.

There are no ports or controls to be found on the entire object.

Featuring a 18° beam angle the rotary ball lens is easily directed at displays for highlighting and pinspotting.

The secondary color spot indicates the run-time with a smooth pulsation.

Inspired by bioluminescence.

At Kinichy we focusing on any detail that surrounds us. Keep an eye on it.




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